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November 2003 Total Lunar Eclipse
(Click for full size image - 550kb)

Lest we forget

Meade "Classic" LX90

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Common LX90 Questions

Manuals (PDF)
LX90 "Classic" Manual (982Kb)
LX90 LNT Manual(1.2Mb)
Smartfinder Manual (1.4Mb)
Autostar Manual (187Kb)
Other Meade manuals

General Info/Mods
Wedge adapter
Azimuth adjuster mod
additional pictures
Focuser adjustments
Focuser Bearing Mod
Meade weight set & mod
Balancing an SCT
ST80 & Losmandy Dovetail 
Declination Adjustments
Base disassembly
Corrector removal
Encoder cleaning
Pinouts, cables & bolt sizes
Power Panel Schematics
Polar alignment
Drift alignment
Using the wedge compass
Tripod Markers
What's a TLE?

Autostar/Suite Updates
Autostar Suite Update
Autostar Updater 4.6
 Autostar Updater (4.1 latest)

Rom Updates

Mike Weasner's Firmware Library
(For prior firmware version download)
Tours and Orbital Elements

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US Amateur Astronomy Clubs
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