Latest updates to the LX90 firmware
Download the latest update from Meade's FTP Server 
For older versions, visit Mike Weasner's ETX site

Upgrade to 32Ea

PEC added for Polar mounted scopes
PEC can be found under Setup - Telescope - Smart Drive.
Smart Drive will only appear for Polar Mounted scopes.
Smart Drive is for the RA motor only. Run PEC Train first and
if needed then run PEC Update after to improve the table.
Training for LX90 and LXD55/75 will take about 8 - 9 mins.
Training for ETX 90/105/125 will take about 24 mins. To train
use the handbox, AutostarSuite with the LPI, or any other
autoguider using the #909 Accessory Port Module (if the
scope will allow the #909). After training PEC, go to PEC
On/Off to turn on PEC to have the scope follow the commands.
At the end of your session if you want to keep your training,
you have to Park your scope. If you do not park your scope
the Autostar will not be able to remember its position on the worm.

Upgrade to 32Eh

Improved pointing for German equatoria mounted scopes.

Some serial strings fixed.

Upgrade to 32Ei

Fixed error in Browse Function

Upgrade to 33Ef

Added Zip Codes.
Some serial strings fixed.

Upgrade to 33EL

Fixed site problem
Fixed LST display

Upgrades to 34Ec


Fixes moon tracking problem
Improved pointing on second star with LNT module
New LX90 scopes added
Upgrades to 40Eb


Improved pointing on Alignment Stars after Cal Sensors.
Park position now shortest distance on ETX scopes.
Park position fixed after automatic alignment.
Smart Drive is now normalized.
Please see the attached file for the new operating instructions. download 29K:   40Ebinstructions.pdf

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