Other Astro and LX90 web pages on the 'net

If you have an LX90 site and wish it listed here, drop me an email

Mike Weasner's Mighty ETX pages

An excellent source for ETX, Autostar and LX90 owners, Mike's pages are a wealth of information. Regular contributor's like Clay Sherrod and Dick Seymour make every trip a learning experience.

Arkansas Sky Observatory

Dr. P Clay Sherrod's ultra-informative astronomy website, with regular observing updates and active discussion forums

Ian's Astro Page

Excellent astro sketches as viewed at the eyepiece by Ian, and his personal log

Rick's Astrophotography

Rick's wonderful photographs, mods and techniques. Although now using a 10" LX200, he's still "one of ours".

David Higgins

A great new site with some excellent Digital camera imaging, and a nice personal observing log from "Down Under"

First Light

A nice site with some photography, viewing lists and DIY projects.

Peter's Backyard Astronomy Page

A nice site with Peter's planetary images and his equipment, and links to other sites

Chris Zeigler's Astro Pages

A web site devoted to Chris' digital imaging with webcams

Neale's Astronomy Pages

Astro equipment, star hops, astrophotography, and mac astro software.

Astro Turf

Charlie Warren's easy to navigate site with his MX7c images, resources, help and web links.

Steve Cannistra's LX90 pages

Long exposure imaging with the LX90

Astronomy Online

Alastair Clark's LX90 images and information

Pete Langsford's Astronomy Pages

Images and some very nice mods from "down under"

Iver's Astro Images

Images aquired using an LX90 and MX-716

Chris White's Pages

Gallery of images aquired with the LX90

Dave's Astro Web Site

Images, Sketches and Equipment

Pete Vassey's Site


Astro Saint Martin - Patrick Bornet


Michel's Astrophotography

Imaging using Vesta Pro and Starlight Xpress cameras, as well as conventional film


Please advise me of any relocations of your website if listed here. Also, if any dead links appear, I'd appreciate a note informing me. Thanks!  

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