LX90 Power Panel Schematics

Both of these excellent drawings were provided to me by H.H.Willems of the Netherlands. One is the PC board layout itself, the other a schematic of the circuit. I'd like to thank Huub personally - for all of us LX90 and ETX owners for providing such an excellent and well done resource.

Huub (H.H. Willems) can be contacted here: H.H.Willems@tm.tue.nl Any use of these images should be attributed to Huub, with his full name and email address - as credit is most certainly due. Huub has also designed a nice dew prevention system - a nice project for rainy days. Also visit the home page of the site where Huub's system is presented, lots of great information there as well.

Power Panel PCB layout in TIF format (download) The above image is JPG

Schematic in TIF format (download) The above image is JPG

At the time this document was written, this information was up to date and correct, however companies change designs and wiring of circuit boards on a regular basis. It's strongly recomended that you check your scope first hand before making wiring decisions based upon these diagrams alone.

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