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This website deals with the "classic" LX90 telescope made by Meade Instruments. The newer model, the Meade LX90 "LNT", may have different circuit boards and mechanicals which the "classic" LX90 does not.  Additionally, circuit boards and mechanicals in the "classic" model may not be the same as the newer models. "Classic" LX90's include the original LX90 EMT and LX90 UHTC models.

"Classic" LX90's were made from late 2000 up until the fall of 2004. A purchase date after fall of 2004 does not guarantee that you have the newer version. The new version has automatic North finding and self-leveling features, while the classic models do not. GPS was not available on either model, however there are aftermarket sources.

Even on models from the same year, circuit boards and wiring may be different. Color coding is not always the same between 2 models. Check and note your wiring before you remove cables and/or circuit boards, or before you replace a damaged part.


If it has knobs, lights, pushbuttons, or makes noise, I'll take it apart. Just ask my Dad what happened when I was eight years old.....

So, here's the disclaimer.

I don't recommend that anyone do the mods, or make alterations to their telescopes based on my experiences alone. These pages are here because I thought they may be of use to people that are mechanically and electronically capable, or experienced. If for any reason you feel that you aren't able to perform the mods, or do the adjustments properly, don't do them. You can always send your scope back to Meade, or to other qualified professionals.

What works for me, may not work for you. I've always been the kind of person who takes things apart just to "see what's in there". There have been many times when things didn't go back together properly. Since my job entails installing, servicing and upgrading large, complicated, commercial digital printing equipment; I'm not shy about it. Your abilities may be different, and I ask that you seriously question your abilities prior to undertaking anything on this website.

You can get help on the Yahoo LX90 users group. Ask questions. Get answers before you start. If you aren't comfortable, don't do it. When all else fails, there are people that will do the job for you, and guarantee their work. My recommendation is Dr P Clay Sherrod's "Supercharge" or your local astronomy shop where you purchased your LX90 (if they do repairs).

That all said, enjoy your visit here - and I hope there's something here that will benefit you, your telescope, and your appreciation of amateur astronomy (and tinkering).

- Jan

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